After finishing a full work day working as a Graphic Designer and Developer for media company, I arrive home, then usually continue working on my own projects for Expressive Media, I relentlessly do this day in and day out because this is my passion. Being grateful for what I have is usually the last thing on my mind when I am finishing that late night project or fighting traffic commuting to work!

Passion can sometimes wean and you find yourself questioning yourself, your skills, your goals and often question, “When will I have my big break”.

I was getting to this stage, wondering when I will be able to upgrade my car, when will I be able to buy my own home, Looking through Instagram wondering when will I be able to have that luxury lifestyle not realising how rich I actually was.

This was put into perspective last night to me through an email I received from a developer I am subscribed to, David Connelly. He sent out a mail shot to all of his subscribers and I am so glad I subscribed all those years ago.

David Connelly is a very funny and inspirational guy, he has been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt, when it comes to development and has risen through the ranks and had what seems to be an Epic Journey.

He sent out this Email campaign and it was headlined:

Be grateful for the hand that you’ve been dealt

Instantly it grabbed my attention and I just had to read it. He sadly stated about a bad experience when his brother was injured, which caused him some serious damage, but was now thankfully on the mend, Which was a perfect setting to the message he was about to unleash to his followers, a message that really changed my outlook and settled my restless mind and the selfish, materialistic thoughts that were churning over and over.

I will quote just some of the words he shared just to reinforce the fact that, although you may not be rolling in gold and lavish surroundings, realise what you actually have and what you have achieved and you will see how rich you really are…

One of biggest mistakes that intelligent people make is to be in a state of never-ending frustration with their lot in life. Most people are in a constant state of misery because their house isn’t big enough, they hate their jobs and they don’t drive a sixty thousand dollar car. It’s the road to misery.

Instead of hating that stinking little hell-hole that you’re living in, start to love it! Clean it up! Make it look the best that it can possibly look. Be proud and grateful for your home. I don’t care if you live in a bamboo hut. Make it a beautiful bamboo hut!

Stop looking around at people who drive bigger cars, who have more beautiful partners, better heads of hair, more money and who seem to be doing better than you. Replace all of that negative jealous energy with gratitude. I want you to have gratitude for what you have because in doing so you are going to unlock one of the greatest powers in the universe!

So, be grateful for the hand that you’ve been dealt. I urge you to make the most of whatever you have. Appreciate everything in your life. Your home. The people in your life.

David Connelly

After reading this I just had to respond to David with gratitude as it really made me realise all I have achieved during my short career as a Developer and Designer, I have actually changed the lives of many many people, I have a lovely car, a clean and warm home to come home to, a loving family who appreciate all I do for them, what more do I need?

I leave that with you there, Whatever your doing, wherever you are,

Just, Be grateful for the hand that you’ve been dealt