The aim of The BriSLA is to seek the common good, by facilitating co-operation between the U.K. and Sri Lanka on economics, education, environmental factors and health affairs also to build a partnership and build bridges between the U.K. and Sri Lanka in trade and commerce and promote dialogue between the two governments and countries.

BRISLA work tirelessly bridging the gap between the Sri-Lankan and British communities. They are financed by donations and membership fees. We incorporated features within the website that benefited these factors.

BRISLA were running a dated, free service website that was hacked continuously, they needed a secure environment to share their wonderful work and where members could feel comfortable and browse in a visually pleasing way. The website was built using WordPress which gives the client full control of all their content and of course their website is responsive which means it works wonders in all screen sizes.


Web Design



What We Did

Branding, Website, SEO, Marketing

Bold Design

We wanted to execute a clean, yet bold design that was easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye.


No matter what device used to visit BRISLA, it will always look amazing and adapt to any screen automatically.


Being a member driven business, we implemented a community driven platform which is easy to use.


Thanks to the powerful CMS platform used, updating and editing their website is a breeze!