What is Plaswers?

Plaswers is a real-time question and answer app where iOS users can get instant feedback about places without having to skim through online reviews and search results. While the app provides a nice alternative to users, there are a few setbacks that are worth mentioning.
Plaswers is all about right now. After users sign up with an account, they can immediately start asking and answering questions. To look-up a place tap the search button located in the lower left corner, then ask a question about it using Karma points. Once a question is asked, users will receive answers. Answers may be in the form of a message, picture, or video.


Plaswers shows you what’s happening at a place right now, at this very moment. Simply ask a question and the people there will answer your question with messages, pictures and videos. Plaswers gives you real-time answers, not old reviews someone wrote years ago. You start with limited Karma Points, Asking a question costs karma points, Answering a question earns karma points, If your answer is downvoted, you earn 0 karma points, Get upvotes! It feels good to help!
For 30 minutes, your questions continue receiving new answers from new people that come and leave the place. Invite your friends. The more people, the more Answers!

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