How I Approached

The Coupons App is a long running professional coupons app that is well established with hundreds of thousands of users. They approached me in need of a complete redesign of both App UI and Icon.

The old icon and user interface was tired and dated and was in need of some serious TLC to bring it up to date and really make it stand out in the App Store and ensure consistency from the branding to the UI to the icon was achieved, which it was!

I completely revised the whole Icon with a fresh new approach that when looked at, you know exactly what the app is about! We had to keep things familiar using the existing colour scheme, although a created an alternative colour just for fun to let the client explore other possibilities.

The icon was based upon a coupon being cut out which was then mounted with a sale tag, the sale tag is part of the company branding, this is why we used this in the icon also.