How I Approached

ScoreSwap was a concept brought to me my Joe @musical-director.com with an idea of creating a site where musical directors, musicians, enthusiasts and generally anyone could create an account, list their sheet music collection, then swap and trade with other user collections on the site, all whilst building reputation for the more sheet music you have to trade.

Scoreswap - Expressive Media

ScoreSwap was built using the Angular Framework for its fast on screen interaction capabilities. The database used was a NoSQL Database called Firebase which is a Google Product. The reason I chose this was to ensure that the site data was served instantly and in realtime!
This made sure the users found what they want, fast!

To see how this can be beneficial, click the button below to open the site and start typing in the search bar at the top. You will see the results are displayed instantly, with reloading the browser, enhancing the user experience like this, ensures their return!

Users can control whether they can be contacted by other users, they can also write their personalised Trade Policy, setting rules on the basis they will only trade upon. Users can also increase their rankings and be rewarded with Rank Badges. This can be increased automatically my increasing the amount of files you list on the site.

No files are hosted on the site whatsoever, it is merely a library of music collection lists which users have listed. They then trade with other users who have sheet music they want, they then offer to trade what they have for what they want.

Scoreswap by Expressive Media
How The Project Was Received

Absolutely Fantastic! We know this is a work in progress and we are excited to be in Beta and look forward to future progression!

JoeMusical Director