Initial Terms Of Service

In all cases and unless another agreement has been completed in writing, all copyrights belong to Expressive Media including General Artwork, Commissioned Artwork, Illustrations, Website Design, Icon Design, Graphic Design, Programming & Copy. Any material supplied from yourself to us must have the correct copyright and that will be your responsibility which we will presume you have. In any of these cases the copyright will belong to you and if any claim should arise from its use you will be liable for it.

We reserve the right to promote our services through any of the artwork that we produce unless an alternative agreement has been put in place. All websites designed by Expressive Media will require at least one link back to our website or one of our choice unless otherwise agreed.

If for any reason you did not want our working relationship to be promoted through a link back to our website or through any marketing materials, the final cost of the product would be amended accordingly due to the fact that our pricing structure considers the benefits Expressive Media receives from such promotion.

Refund Policy

No refund will be offered for any service if the files and project are as expected by the client. If the client (you) changes his/her mind with regards to hiring the services of Expressive Media after deposit and final payment is paid this does not constitute for a refund. If the files are damaged or portray nothing as of the original brief provided by the client (you) a full refund will be provided.


Expressive Media require 50% deposit up front before any work commences on any kind of project or service provided by Expressive Media. Deposits can be paid in person, paypal or bank transfer. Upon completion of work the remaining 50%balance will be paid before the final project files are handed over to the client. If the client does not pay the remaining 50% balance of the total fee agreed upon by the client (you) and Expressive Media, The deposit and the files remain the property of Expressive Media.

If deposit is paid and work is not delivered to the client (you), then the client will be refunded their full deposit and any final balance will not be payable by the client (you). If the project or service has already started and part of the work has been done, all work remains the property of Brian Revie (Expressive Media) unless the forfeit of your deposit is agreed upon and the files will be handed over to the client (you).

Website Training

Website training is an optional extra of which there is no charge. Should you require training on how to use your website, the training will be provided at a time that is adequate to both parties (meaning my self and you the client). Training will be provided over zoom digital meetings only and will last no more than 1 hour.

Invoiced Projects

Some smaller projects do not require a deposited amount to be paid. If a decided project fee is agreed upon, where no deposit has been paid then full payment is required immediately upon issue of the Invoice. Due to this being a smaller fee for a smaller agreed upon project, all invoice payments must be paid immediately on receipt of invoice.

Reserved Rights

Brian Revie & Expressive Media reserve the right to change the price or availability of any product offered for sale or cost of service without prior notice and at sole discretion of the founder/creator. The founder/creator also reserves the right to make changes to these “terms and conditions” without any prior notice at the sole discretion of the founder/creator. (Expressive Media)