Deva is an established, independent and exclusive studio, over 15 years’ experience. The success is due to a unique blend of friendliness and a relaxing private atmosphere provided to each and every client. When life gets too stressful, you can always escape and enjoy a well-earned hour or two of pampering. From soothing facial and body massages to a relaxing hand & foot therapy.

DEVA Approached me as they were suffering from 1990’s website syndrome! The poor client had such a poor website and she felt helpless as major updates were impossible due to an unsympathetic web company.

We wanted to change that, and we did!
We created a super modern styled website, not only that we re-branded the company and brought it right up to date with a more stylistic yet strong brand. We created a clean, simple to use website that is as simple to add, edit, update and delete every part of their content as it is to send an email.

Rest assured we had one happy client, and it was worth it to see their super positive reaction upon seeing their business reinvigorated.


Web Design


DEVA Art Of Beauty.

What We Did

Branding, Website, SEO, Print Design

Modern Design

We brought not only the website but the brand into the 21st century and really made a statement.


No matter what device used to visit DEVA, it will always look amazing and adapt to any screen automatically.

Custom Services

Custom Services Section allows the client to easily add, update, or delete new services they offer.


Thanks to the powerful CMS platform used, updating and editing their website is a breeze!