As you rush through the dangerous temple, fleeing from the fast approaching hunter, your super monkey skills are put to the test in this heart pounding, exciting and adrenaline pumping adventure. Temple Monkey Rush!

When Temple Monkey Rush came to me, their app branding was looking tired, their reviews were diminishing and their app store page was really nothing to shout about, downloads were suffering. They needed help fast, we provided a perfect solution.

We helped Temple Monkey Rush increase its app store awareness by firstly introducing new branding that is memorable, highly visual and suited to the game, we also created high impact visuals that really showed the app off the it was intended. Screenshots that catch the users attention and present the game to the user in an enticing way were next on the list.

The project was then complete with a complimentary icon to support the new graphics and branding


Android Icon, Branding, App Store Graphics


Temple Monkey Rush.

What We Did

Icon Design, Branding, App Store Banners & Screenshots

Simply Gorgeous

Bold, attention grabbing designs that really make the app stand out in the app store.

Uniform Design

Continuous theme throughout the icon, screenshots and banners ensures a professional image.

Fast Turnaround

We strategically planned, designed and delivered the project in two days, On the third it was live.


The bold and bright designs ensure a lasting impression, securing a spot for returning customers.